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Photo Credit: Alice Pierre

Éloïse Armary (she/they) is an artivist: artist-activist. Born in Burgundy from a Pyrenean father of Pied-Noir heritage and a Parisian mother of Jewish heritage, she spent her childhood in sunflower fields before moving to Paris.


Growing up a flutist and saxophonist, Éloïse started writing poetry in English in Montreal and started dabbling in photography, podcasting and filmmaking along the way.

Éloïse holds a degree in Anthropology from the University of Toulouse and a Masters in Media Practice for Development and Social Change from the University of Sussex. 

They are the author Body Compost & other ghost poems, Pink Goo, co-host of Poetry To Your Ears and director of Collections Of Queer Poets.

Éloïse is a speaker certified by Force Of Nature and a creative facilitator certified by Deanna Rodger through Roundhouse Works. She is receiving a ClimArts fellowship and content creation training by Behind The Greens.


Éloïse sees beauty in the darkness and finds joy in all corners of life. They create from an ecofeminist, neurodivergent, queer and multicultural perspective.


They live in Sussex, UK with their fiancé, cat, plants and garden creatures. 


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