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Powders Press. Wheels. January 2023

The Channel. keeping your brain free + what a fucking strange planet. September 2022

Ahhh! Zine. no prickly behaviour. July 2022
The Burrow.
Words about the little things. December 2021

Write Me A Novel. People who say putain. September 2021

The Gumption Club Zine. a blurry mess. July 2021

Metropolis Bleu. La vieille amie de la famille. Mars 2021


Redraft Podcast. Episode 12 - Eloise Armary. June 2023 | Podcast
The Layered Onion. A conversation with Loulou. March 2023 | Podcast

The Layered Onion. Artwork Spotlight: Loulou's Pink Goo. October 2022 | Article

Britain Uncovered. Interview with student, poet and activist, Eloise Armary. Nov 2021 | Article

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