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Activist Campaign #BadVegan

#BadVegan is a campaign I co-produced-directed with Sara Cuevas and Anthony Jordan, two colleagues from the MA Media Practice for Development and Social Change. Its website is accessible here

You don't have to be a perfect vegan. Blaming your individual actions erases the responsibility of the government and corporations in climate collapse, animal and human rights abuse. 


Bad Vegan is a campaign that aims to make veganism a societal subject, rather than a matter of the individual lifestyle.


Meet Sarah, the owner of a vegan business called Smorl's at the Open Market in Brighton.

I filmed the handheld camera footage, recorded the audio in the kitchen, recorded the narration, and edited the documentary on Adobe Premiere Pro. 


00:00 / 03:09

Understand veganism within a global food system with Benjamin Selwyn, professor at the University of Sussex.


I recorded the intro/outro with a C414 microphone, edited the podcast on Adobe Audition and selected the music on Free Music Archive. 


See how street art can act as part of animal rights activism and raise awareness about endangered species.


I took the pictures with my camera Lumix GH5 and a 25mm lens and edited them on Adobe LightRoom.  

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