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Climate Artivism

cyberpunk solarpunk

cyberpunk solarpunk

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At the occasion of COP 28, artists Éloïse Armary and Alice Pierre invite you to reflect on your relationships with nature and the people who weave your world. Cyberpunk / Solarpunk is a multimedia project which explores visions of the future we are building. 


The poem plays on images of streets in lockdown, the cost of living crisis and the cyberpunk subculture nightlife. The photos blur the distinction between humans and trees and paint a solarpunk utopian future where humans live in symbiosis with other life forms. 


The artwork featured is extracted from the book Body Compost & other ghost poems. 


Hottest Day On Earth is a poetic documentary short that explores the director's inner thoughts and surrounding environment on July 4th 2023, the hottest day on Earth, through experimental images and sound.

The film is currently being submitted at festivals.

a land that was once free

a land that was once free

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'a land that was once free' is a collective poem about how young people I surveyed feel regarding the climate crisis.


This spoken word video was shortlisted for #CreateCOP26 competition organised by the University of Sussex.


Crawley / Brighton / London

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