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Documentary film

Loulou studied documentary film as part of their MA degree at the University of Sussex - Media Practice for Development and Social Change. 
When studying anthropology, she saw the potential of film to understand and share marginalised people's lives in a medium accessible to many. 


Loulou's graduation film is Collections of queer poets, which celebrates the poetry community in Brighton through the voice of the queer and disabled poet Reanna alias One Inky Queer. 

Collections of queer poets

Screenings coming soon
Collections of queer poets poster_edited

4K | 20'03 | 2022 | Colour | Brighton, UK


Collections of queer poets is a short documentary film that celebrates the poetry community in Brighton through the voice of the queer and disabled poet Reanna alias One Inky Queer. 

I produced-directed and edited the film. 

Bipolar Performance

Film available on demand

Documentary filmmakers Charlotte and Loulou have a common experience: they are both daughters of a parent with bipolar disorder. In BIPOLAR PERFORMANCE, they navigate between music, dance, photography, film and poetry. They believe that art breaks the silence around a stigmatised mental health condition. Instead, art creates a dialogue and links people together in similar yet unique experiences.


With two creative students who have bipolar, the filmmakers create an experimental artistic representation of episodes of mania, depression and euthymia. They discuss with their parents about the role of creativity in accepting their illness and communicating about it. The film ties together the expressive potential of each artform and the way each participant expresses themselves through one creative outlet. It immerses the viewer in how it feels to be manic or depressive as well as to witness it.

Bipolar Performance is co-directed and co-produced with Charlotte Lambrecht. I had a distinct role in designing the Electronic Press Kit, available here, including writing the synopsis and designing the poster. 


You don't have to be a perfect vegan. Blaming your individual actions erases the responsibility of the government and corporations in climate collapse, animal and human rights abuse. #Bad Vegan is a campaign that aims to make veganism a societal subject, rather than a matter of the individual lifestyle. The documentary features Sarah, the co-owner of Smorl's, a vegan café in Brighton.


I filmed with my camera GH5, recorded the audio and edited the documentary. 

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