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Pink Goo

Pink Goo

Pink Goo is about a spiral down to anxiety and depression and the following journey to find peace. After trying to shed light on social injustice, sexual harassment and the climate collapse, the poet finds herself in the darkness and explores many corners within herself, rough and soft. In the deep furrows of her mind, Loulou finds a white canvas on which she paints with colours to lift her spirit while allowing nuances of grey to tell the depth of reality. 

These poems are to aid the reader who wants to scream but doesn’t find the words. They are a balm to spread on trauma wounds. They care for the soul after a storm.


"This is a collection of poems for the lost and anxious soul, the one that is torn between what is and what should be, the soul that has left and doesn't know if they want to come back." Alice Pierre


"Pink Goo is a refreshing, candid and comforting journey towards hope. Reading her poems feels like watching clouds of grey part to reveal the sun that has been there all along." Heather


"A beautiful collection filled with rhythm and dynamic writing! Pink Goo offers an intimate insight into Loulou's past experiences with both and vulnerable tone of voice." Soofiya

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