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Documentary film

Awarded Best First Film, Together 2012! Film Festival

Through the voice of Reanna alias One Inky Queer, Collections of Queer Poets unveil the poetry scene in Brighton, a space for marginalised voices to share their truth in front of a like-minded audience.


Discover how One Inky Queer started from writing poetry, isolated because of lockdown and being disabled, to co-creating a new community focusing on queer and trans poets that is accessible to disabled people: Queer The Mic.

Collections Of Queer Poets is distributed by Disability Arts Online on YouTube. 

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Poetry To Your Ears is a podcast that celebrates poetry the way it is done today. Loulou & Tom make this podcast out of their love of poetry and poets, always enchanted by the power of poetry to connect people, and ideas and say something about what it means to be alive today.

They interview a diversity of poets regularly and review poems from contemporary and dead artists. Guests include Joelle Taylor, Hollie McNish, Michael Pederson, Simon Maddrell, Kimberly Nguyen, Roy McFarlane & more.

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