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I left, 

the sun was eating me

I wanted my bones to burn

I came back, 

cut onions on a wooden board

my knife said: you are worth crying for

- Body Compost & other ghost poems


Are you a house haunted by complex relationships?

Body Compost & other ghost poems is a collection for dug-up gardens and plants looking for the right soil to grow.

These poems are homes for dust bunnies, spices, fears and heart beats.


They give solace to what we can't make sense of by giving the spotlight to the quotidien, the sensory and the memory.

Pink Goo is about a spiral down to anxiety and depression and the following journey to find peace. After trying to shed light on social injustice, sexual harassment and the climate collapse, the poet finds herself in the darkness and explores many corners within herself, rough and soft. In the deep furrows of her mind, Loulou finds a white canvas on which she paints with colours to lift her spirit while allowing nuances of grey to tell the depth of reality. 

These poems are to aid the reader who wants to scream but doesn’t find the words. They are a balm to spread on trauma wounds. They care for the soul after a storm.

Pink Goo ebook cover.jpg


Happiful Magazine. bipolar is not a tragedy. March 2024

Fawn Press. the dark days are here, honey. March 2024

Young Poets Network. the soft animal of your body loves what it loves. February 2024

Sunday Mornings at the River. Recipe for the winter solstice. February 2024

Powders Press. Wheels. January 2023

The Channel. keeping your brain free + what a fucking strange planet. September 2022

Ahhh! Zine. no prickly behaviour. July 2022
The Burrow. Words about the little thingsDecember 2021

Write Me A Novel. People who say putain. September 2021

The Gumption Club Zine. a blurry mess. July 2021

Metropolis Bleu. La vieille amie de la famille. Mars 2021

Visual Poems

a land that was once free

a land that was once free was shortlisted at the COP26 Sussex Video competition.

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